Adventist Community Celebrates Success of Young and Singles Professionals Convention

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Adventist Community Celebrates Success of Young and Singles Professionals Convention

The Philippines is currently experiencing its largest youth demographic in history, researchers say.

Philippines | Youth Department of WMC Communication Department

Recent research reveals that the Philippines is currently experiencing its largest youth demographic in history. With approximately 30 million individuals aged between 10 and 24, this demographic segment constitutes 28 percent of the Philippine population. This data highlights both opportunities and obstacles for the growing youth population, amidst sweeping changes in the global human landscape.

As Adventist church leaders navigate the intricacies of their youthful demographic in the Philippines, there is an urgent call for Adventist churches to proactively create environments that nurture the holistic development of the younger generation. It's imperative to cultivate spaces where they can mature into individuals grounded in the principles of God and equipped with values of responsibility and a deep commitment to serving their communities.

The Adventist Church in Western Mindanao (WMC) marked the successful conclusion of the Adventist Youth and Singles Professionals Convention on February 10, 2024. Held at the Western Mindanao Adventist Academy, the convention attracted a diverse group of attendees representing various demographics. The event provided a platform for young individuals to gather, learn, and spiritually grow within a lively community setting.

The convention's triumph is a testament to the unwavering dedication of the WMC leaders, who spared no effort in meticulously planning and executing every aspect of the event. With their thorough preparation, every detail was meticulously attended to, ensuring a seamless experience for all participants.

The event's guest speaker, Pastor Junifer C. Colegado, Southwestern Philippine Union Conference (SwPUC) Youth director, and lecturer Pastor Abel Vergara, WMC Communication and Public Affairs and Religious Liberty director, delivered invaluable insights that profoundly resonated with attendees, instilling a sense of clarity and purpose among them.

Guests and speakers engaged in meaningful conversations about the journey of "adulting" and its potential to bless individuals and those within their spheres of influence. Discussions centered on topics such as cultivating relationships, advancing in careers, enhancing church involvement, and establishing supportive networks conducive to personal acceptance and growth.

The palpable spirituality that permeated each activity and conversation deeply moved the attendees and provided a solid foundation for insightful discussions and productive exchanges. The organizers expressed heartfelt joy and gratitude for the convention's turn out, recognizing it as a significant milestone in the WMC’s history, uniting members in faith and community solidarity.

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