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Adventist Communication Leaders in the North Philippines Embrace Digital Evangelism Strategies

"The essence of our message as followers of Christ should ... echo through our presence on social media platforms," states a regional pastor.

Philippines | Kyle Laurenz Gandalera

In an era defined by interconnectedness and digital innovation, the landscape of evangelism is undergoing a profound transformation. Leaders from various regional offices, the Philippine Publishing House (PPH), Adventist hospitals, and schools across the north Philippines convened to explore innovative strategies for leveraging social media platforms as powerful tools for spreading the gospel. The Digital Evangelism Initiative of the General Conference's Communication Department is in charge of this assembly, which aims to improve the church's evangelistic tactics and advance its mission online.

The Digital Evangelism Initiative (DEI) is an innovative online prayer and Bible study program leveraging multimedia technology to bring the gospel to the digital sphere. Spearheaded by the General Conference Communication Department, DEI collaborates with creatives and communication leaders worldwide to craft effective strategies for digitally sharing the message of Jesus."

Pastor Mamerto Guingguing, associate executive secretary of the Adventist Church in the Southern Asia-Pacific region, inspired attendees with practical methods to maximize social media platforms for evangelistic outreach. His emphasis on authenticity and relevance resonated with leaders, encouraging them to engage their followers with genuine interactions and share compelling content that embodies the teachings of Christ.

"The essence of our message as followers of Christ should permeate not only our character but also echo through our presence on social media platforms," Pastor Guingguing emphasized. "It is incumbent upon us to utilize every available avenue to spread the message of hope and healing, reaching hearts through both personal interactions and digital connections."

Leaders have embraced their roles as media ambassadors for Christ, pledging to uphold the values and mission of the church in their online presence. They acknowledged the significance of crafting content that aligns with the teachings of Jesus, aiming to captivate and inspire their digital audience.

A highlight of the conference was a panel discussion featuring church leaders with a reactor and a moderator who explored the role of pastors, administrators, and media directors as ambassadors for Christ in the digital sphere. Participants delved into the ethical considerations and strategic approaches necessary for upholding the values and mission of the church in online communications, reaffirming their commitment to being faithful stewards of the gospel message.

Pastor Gerardo Cajobe, president of the Adventist Church in the North Philippines, challenged leaders to embrace digital discipleship as a means of fostering spiritual growth and community connection. His insights into creating online discipleship programs and engaging with members through virtual platforms left attendees equipped and empowered to expand their church's digital footprint.

"We find ourselves amidst an ongoing evolution in the digital landscape, and it is imperative that we strive to pioneer the utilization of various digital strategies and platforms to disseminate the end-time message," expressed Pastor Cajobe.

Pastor Bong Fiedacan, Communication director of the Adventist Church in Central Luzon, guided leaders in understanding the demographics and preferences of their target audience for effective communication. By tailoring messages to resonate with specific groups, churches can effectively share the gospel in ways that are relatable and impactful.

Ace and Roenna Sintos shared their expertise on engaging with the online community as project managers of the Adventist World Church Page for pastoral care and digital production, emphasizing the importance of building authentic connections and fostering meaningful interactions. Through practical examples and real-world experiences, they demonstrated how churches can effectively connect with the broader online community, extending the reach of their ministry and spreading the message of hope, healing, and freedom in Jesus.

Atty. Evin Villaruben, assistant treasurer of the Adventist Church in the Southern-Asia Pacific region, equipped leaders with practical fundraising strategies for media ministries, emphasizing transparency, storytelling, and building relationships with donors. He encouraged churches to leverage social media for crowdfunding campaigns, rallying support for their media initiatives.

This conference served as a catalyst for empowering church leaders to harness the transformative potential of social media for evangelism. By embracing these insights and strategies, churches can effectively engage with their communities, foster authentic connections, and advance the kingdom of God in the digital age. As leaders embrace this digital revolution with courage and conviction, they carry with them the hope and promise of a future where the gospel shines brightly in every corner of the digital realm.

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