Adventist Church to Premiere a New Film About Mary Magdalene

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Adventist Church to Premiere a New Film About Mary Magdalene

Through this series, creators bring biblical characters to life while highlighting their transformation stories.

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The Adventist Media Center’s Hope Media Spain has just released a powerful audiovisual work entitled Possessed. In this short film, Mary Magdalene, the charismatic biblical character, returns to our day to tell us, in first person, her unforgettable relationship with Jesus of Nazareth: from her possession to her liberation and new life.

This production is part of the daring audiovisual project Renacidos, with a short film format and, at the same time, the vocation of a series for social networks. The concept, simple but simultaneously innovative, brings to the present charismatic characters from the past who share first-person accounts of the highlights of their lives and the conflicts that dotted their existence.

"Our goal with this series is to bring to life the most prominent biblical characters and approach [them] from a realistic perspective, allowing them to speak in our [present] time and showing [not only] their mistakes and weaknesses but also their transformation," explains Samuel Gil, producer of the series and director of the production center.

Mary Magdalene Speaks to You like Never Before

Possessed stars actress Verónica Gregory as Mary Magdalene, set in our present time, who tells us her firsthand account of her unforgettable relationship with Jesus, played by Javier Uriarte, and addresses the viewer as a direct witness of her life.

"The Mary Magdalene that we present breaks all the established aesthetic and stereotyped molds: Initially, because of her leap from the past to the present, her contemporaneity; also because of her ease, and her radical way of addressing her experiences with those she is facing," says director and scriptwriter Álvaro Mohedano.

With striking narrative and visual language, the protagonist physically moves through environments and landscapes in keeping with her personality (filmed in Cantabria, in northern Spain). From them, she shares the consequences of her actions and her path to freedom, Jesus, looking at the camera as if she were testifying in front of the spectator's invisible tribunal.

Much More than a Film

The production is a transmedia project with a website:, where you can access the fourteen-minute short film, four new episodes of six minutes each that expound on the short film, scripts, discussion questions for small groups and churches, and additional readings, as well as three impactful testimonies that will not leave the viewer indifferent.

"We believe that this whole universe of materials can be a blessing for all Spanish-speaking churches, and quality material to share with our friends. We pray that God will bring this evangelistic project to fruition," says Gil.

Hope Media Spain

All the production and materials are available on the project's website and the platform, which has its own app for iOS and Android and its own channel on Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV devices. provides access to quality audiovisual content that gives hope. It is an on-demand television service full of children's programs, documentaries, series, films, music videos, and much more content for the whole family.

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