Adventist Church in Russia Hosts 'Reflecting Christ' Music Festival to Inspire and Uplift Children

Children showcase their talents in a heartwarming event.

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Adventist Church in Russia Hosts 'Reflecting Christ' Music Festival to Inspire and Uplift Children

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On June 1, 2024, a children's music festival named "Reflecting Christ" took place in Bishkek, Russia to commemorate Children's Day. Children from Bishkek, as well as from nearby cities and villages, participated in the festival. The festival aimed to help children grow in their understanding of Christ's character as the Head by lovingly sharing the truth.


At the event, the presenters were glove puppets in the form of forest animals and a large teddy bear. This format has been used for the festival for the third year in a row, and it brings special joy to children and their parents. Many guests attended the event this time, with some having looked forward to it for an entire year.


This year, 72 children, including teenagers and kids, participated in the festival. Children from different communities prepared beautiful and inspiring musical performances, playing the violin, piano, flute, guitar, and other instruments. They also sang and recited poems about Jesus. Additionally, several congregations presented colorful and interesting stage productions that demonstrated how we can reflect the character of Christ in our lives. This festival served as an inspiration not only for the children but also for their parents, attendees state.


In her book Reflecting Christ, Ellen White wrote: “All who love God should be deeply interested in children and youth. God can reveal His truth and His salvation to them” (Reflecting Christ, p. 437).


The original article was published on the Euro-Asia Division Russian website.

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