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Adventist Church in Moldova Celebrates Ten Baptisms

Those baptized were between the ages 11 to 16.

Moldova | Iulian Negru, with ANN staff

An Adventist Church in Loganesti, Moldova recently celebrated the baptism of ten young people aged 11 to 16. While the celebration highlighted the baptismal candidates' decisions for Christ, program organizers sought to focus on and emphasize God's leading in the event.

Among the choral psalms, hymns, and poems participants prepared, the OneWay group also participated.

The church also rejoiced in the presence of pastors Ilya Leahu and Dmitry Zhuravlev, as well as guests from Hincesti, Chisinau, Bosieni, Draguseni, Ciuculeni, Nisporeni, and other local regions, who shared this great joy with the members of the church of our community.

It was a celebration on earth, but everyone was aware of an even greater joy in heaven on account of this solemn event. Glory and gratitude to the Lord for the wonderful decision that these ten young people made to dedicate their lives to Christ.

It was a day when everyone felt like part of a large and friendly family, united by faith and love.

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