[Photo courtesy of Davao Mission]

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Adventist Church in Davao Earns Distinction as a Health Promotion

Prestigious honor validates the Davao Mission’s commitment to prioritizing health and well-being in the community

Philippines | Davao Mission Health Department

The Department of Health (DOH Region XI) hosted the Regional Harmonized Health Awards (HHA), an annual gala event to celebrate and recognize outstanding contributions to public health, and the Davao Mission of Seventh-day Adventists received honors as a Health Promotion Champion.

The HHA, a flagship event of DOH Davao, stands as an annual celebration of excellence in health care. This distinguished occasion is dedicated to acknowledging the significant milestones and accomplishments of leaders, stakeholders, and partners within the public healthcare system, highlighting their invaluable contributions to the ongoing pursuit of universal health care.

The prestigious award was presented in acknowledgment of the Davao Mission's exceptional health and medical efforts, as well as their commitment to promoting well-being within the community. The ceremony, held at the Apo View Hotel in Davao City, Philippines, brought together key figures in the health sector, including Dr. Abdullah Dumama Jr., DOH health undersecretary, and Dr. Annabelle Yumang, DOH Davao Regional Director.

[Photo courtesy of Davao Mission]

[Photo courtesy of Davao Mission]

“Today, we celebrate not only our achievements but also the spirit of collaboration that drives us forward,” said Dr. Yumang. In her remarks, she emphasized that the DOH's annual event serves as a pivotal occasion for the department to acknowledge and extend gratitude to health partners who are instrumental in driving the grassroots execution of various programs.

“Our work in public health never occurs in isolation; this is a field where one can’t do it alone,” Dr. Yumang added.

Despite having a festive atmosphere, the event went beyond a simple celebration and evolved into a lively discussion between influential people in the health industry. It served as a platform where profound insights and visions regarding the future of health care were earnestly deliberated and articulated.

In attendance were representatives from local health offices in the Davao Region, local executives, private medical institutions, and healthcare practitioners, reflecting the widespread impact of the Davao Mission's initiatives.

Amy Faye C. Moralde and Karen B. Laguardia, Davao Mission medical missionary volunteers and health coaches, were proudly presented with the award on behalf of the organization. Their tireless efforts in implementing public health programs for the community were specifically highlighted during the ceremony.

The noteworthy surge in acceptance and adherence to the church's distinctive beliefs, particularly in the principles of healthy living, mirrors the impactful strides of the Adventist Church in Davao. As highlighted in their recent recognition, the Davao Mission has not only celebrated excellence in health care but has also actively contributed to shaping conversations about the future of health.

The church’s dedicated efforts serve as a testament to the growing influence of the church's principles, fostering a community-wide commitment to holistic well-being. This surge in acceptance reflects a broader societal shift towards embracing healthy living, catalyzed by the church's initiatives and collaborative endeavors with health partners and stakeholders, as showcased in the Harmonized Health Awards, turning the church's beliefs into actionable strides for a healthier community.

The Davao Mission's recognition as a Health Promotion Champion underscores the organization's significant role in advancing the health and well-being of the community. As they continue their mission to promote a healthier Philippines, the award serves as a testament to the impact of collaborative efforts between public and private entities in achieving national health goals.

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