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ADRA Spain Establishes Shelters, Provides Relief amid Earthquake in Morocco

Adventist agency labors intensively to aid those in the Atlas Mountain region suffering the aftermath of the September 2023 disaster

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Photo credit: Inter-European Division

Photo credit: Inter-European Division

The ADRA Spain team has visited one of the villages most affected by the September 2023 earthquake in Morocco. Since then, temporary camps and plastic tents have been accommodating entire populations whose homes were destroyed by the 6.8 magnitude earthquake.

Villages like this one, located over 1,500 meters (nearly 1 mile) above sea level and difficult to access, have been classified as in urgent need. They require temporary shelters before the winter cold further complicates their daily lives. Extreme below-zero temperatures are expected during winter nights.

In the first week of December, Daniel Abad and Marta Ayuso, part of the ADRA Spain team in Morocco, visited and identified different villages in the Atlas region where they will focus their efforts on building new temporary shelters.

The second phase of ADRA Spain’s work in Morocco will extend over the next six months and, with the help of all involved donors, will provide medium-term housing solutions, improve hygiene options for these populations, and promote their self-sufficiency.

Through collaborative efforts between ADRA and local partner Al Ofoq, the initiative aims to construct medium-term houses aligned with community needs, including toilet and wash facilities, distribute cattle to affected households that lost their livelihood opportunities, and empower youth through a skill-building program. Prioritizing safety, community involvement, and sustainable practices, this project strives not only to address the immediate needs of beneficiaries to cope with the harsh winter conditions but also promote resilience and self-sufficiency in earthquake-affected regions of the Atlas Mountains.

More About ADRA Spain

ADRA Spain is part of the ADRA International Network, which is present in more than 120 countries. In order to carry out its activities, each country adapts to its legislation and social context. ADRA Spain carries out its work under the direction of the Board of Trustees, the governing body, and with the support of a total of nine people linked by an employment relationship and subject to Spanish labor legislation.

In addition, the organization's action is carried out with the commitment of 1,073 volunteers, people who participate continuously, selflessly, and steadily in national social projects. ADRA's projects have the collaboration of 2,161 members who contribute financially on a regular basis. There are also 130 donors who contribute to a specific activity or project.

The total number of beneficiaries (i.e., people who receive a service through ADRA's intervention in Spain and other countries) was 108,594 in 2022.

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