Crosslands Convention Centre the day after it was spared from flooding. [Photo Credit: Bruce Hill]
Australia | Ashley Stanton/Record staff

With water now beginning to recede after New South Wales experienced record flooding over the past week, thousands of people are returning to their properties to assess the damage.

The Adventist Developement and Relief Agency in Australia is assisting the flood-relief effort by directly supporting affected households with cash grants, and supporting the wider community by providing cash grants to a network of Seventh-day Adventist Churches who are willing and able to respond to their community’s needs.

How you can help:

Churches in affected areas: If your church is in an affected area and would like to respond, you can download this PDF to read ideas about what you can do, and instructions on how to access funding.

Churches in unaffected areas: If your church is not in a flood-affected area but would still like to support the relief effort, you can host a fundraiser. For fundraising ideas, download this pdf. If your church decides to host a fundraiser, please register the event on the ADRA website. There will also be the possibility of organizing an individual or church fundraiser through ADRA’s GoFundraise platform. Please contact ADRA directly at 1800 242 372 if you would like to set this up. Please note: ADRA Australia will not be accepting or coordinating the distribution of donated goods such as food or clothing at this time.

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