ADRA Connections Trip Helps Bushfire-affected Communities

South Pacific Division

ADRA Connections Trip Helps Bushfire-affected Communities

From algae to oat milk, there's something interesting for everyone to try!

Australia | Ashley Stanton

For the first time since COVID-19 restricted travel, an ADRA Connections Go Local trip took place from April 12–20. The Go Local trip saw seven year-12 and recently graduated students and four staff from Prescott College Southern, in South Australia, visit Kangaroo Island to help with bushfire recovery efforts.

In December 2019, bushfires ripped through the island, burning nearly 50 percent of the land. Though the fire was declared safe on February 6, 2020, recovery efforts are still taking place across the island, and the community will continue to heal for years to come.

The students spent their time on Kangaroo Island helping local farmers and residents with tasks like replacing burned fencing, weeding, and general garden maintenance.

Altogether, the students removed 32,000 blue gum seedlings.

“It’s been good pulling up blue gum seedlings because we have learned that they are an endemic species,” said student Kadmiel Tubo. “By pulling them up, we are helping the environment be able to recover from the bushfires better in the future.”

Over a year has passed since the bushfires ravaged the island, but the impact on the people and the land are still tangible. The resilience of the locals was a key takeaway for the students.

“It’s been inspiring to hear about the people who lost their homes and livestock, and how they have had to overcome the challenges they faced,” said student Dylan Marusic.

By serving people in their own backyard, the Connections Go Local trip left an impact on both residents and students.

“It is crazy how doing something so small can have such a big impact on others,” said Joel Slade, South Australia Conference youth director.

This article was originally published on the website of Adventist Record