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ADRA Brazil Rolls Out Solidarity Truck to Aid Flood-Hit Communities in Brazilian City

Mobile unit offers meals, clothing care, and psychosocial support to victims of recent rains.

ADRA Brazil, with ANN Staff
Mobile unit will serve people affected by floods in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Mobile unit will serve people affected by floods in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

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On May 5, 2024, ADRA Brazil, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), sent a solidarity truck to the region affected by the recent rains in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The mobile unit has the capacity to prepare 1,500 meals per day, wash and dry up to 105 kilos of clothing per shift, and offer psychosocial care to those in need. The truck is currently stationed at Igrejinha, a state in Rio Grande do Sul, until May 20, and may be relocated to areas where help is needed the most.

Currently, the truck is open twice a day for clothes washing and meal distribution. The truck’s location also serves as a collection point for donations of food, clothing, water, cleaning items, and personal hygiene products. The agency emphasizes that this initiative is made possible thanks to the generosity of those who make donations.

In response to the climate challenges Rio Grande do Sul is facing, Fábio Salles, the director of ADRA Brazil, expresses the organization's commitment to alleviating the suffering of affected communities by mobilizing all available resources to effectively respond to this crisis. Salles stresses the importance of continued national and international support and solidarity to overcome the devastating effects of the storms. “Our response to emergencies reflects our unwavering commitment to human dignity and the well-being of vulnerable populations,” he adds.

Seven individuals, two men and five women, wearing ADRA aprons in ADRA's solidarity truck hold plates with food and smile.
Volunteers prepare food to offer to the population.

About the Trailer

The modified truck offers 45 square meters of useful space, which is divided into three compartments. The first compartment is designed for preparing hot food and has the capacity to serve up to 1,500 meals per shift. The second compartment is dedicated to washing and drying clothes and can handle up to 105 kilos of clean clothes per shift. The third compartment is focused on providing psychosocial support.

Over the past seven years, the solidarity truck has delivered 178,294 hot meals and washed 191 tons of clothes. It has traveled through several Brazilian cities and has responded to the country's main emergencies.

More of ADRA’s Work

ADRA Brazil is currently working in partnership with the Secretariat of Social Development in Porto Alegre, a city in Brazil, to manage four shelters that can house up to 1,000 people. These shelters are located at the FGTAS (Fundação Gaúcha do Trabalho e Ação Social) Vida Humanistic Center, the State Sports Training Center (CETE), and the Military Police Academy. Meanwhile, at the ADRA Center in Rio Grande, the organization is preparing to respond to possible flooding. They plan to provide round-the-clock assistance to 60 people, distribute bedding, and operate a collection point for clothing donations.

The original article was published on the South American Division Portuguese website.

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