ADRA distributes water, food and hygiene items to the population affected by heavy rains (Photo: Reproduction)

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ADRA Brazil Aids Flood Victims in Rio Grande do Sul

Agency provides PIX key to facilitate donor assistance for victims

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The rains that have battered the state of Rio Grande do Sul since September 4, 2023, have already left a sad toll of 41 dead and 46 missing, according to the state Civil Defense bulletin released on September 8 at noon.

Rio Grande do Sul is in a state of public calamity, with 85 municipalities affected, of which 22 have declared an emergency and 46 have reported damage. Currently, 3,046 people are homeless, 7,781 are displaced, 73 have been injured, and a total of 135,088 have been affected by the heavy rains.

A Helping Hand

In the midst of this scenario, the Brazil chapter of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) has offered a helping hand to the victims, promoting aid and seeking more resources to meet emerging demands.

As part of an immediate action, ADRA Brazil mobilized its own resources to provide 185 cleaning kits and 50 mattresses for the most affected families. However, the agency recognizes that these measures are only the beginning and more aid is needed. In response, the #SOSRioGrandedoSul campaign was launched.

ADRA volunteers distribute lunch boxes in Muçum, the municipality most affected by the floods (Photo: Reproduction)

ADRA volunteers distribute lunch boxes in Muçum, the municipality most affected by the floods (Photo: Reproduction)

"We have several teams on the ground, through the Adventist agency, to identify the families affected and provide the necessary help," said Fabio Salles, director of ADRA Brazil. According to Salles, the main objective is to align actions with the authorities, especially Civil Defense, with a view to an effective response.

The needs assessment carried out by ADRA, in direct contact with Civil Defense in the Encantado region, revealed that most families urgently need cleaning materials, personal hygiene, and water. In addition, due to the crowding in public spaces such as gymnasiums, the risk of disease proliferation has increased significantly.

ADRA's emergency coordinator and a team of volunteers have been working on the ground, talking directly with the affected families and collecting data from Civil Defense and the Fire Department. In addition, ADRA Brazil has already allocated R$10,000 (approx. US$2,000) for the purchase of cleaning kits and water as an initial response.

Donate and Pray for the Affected Families

For those wishing to contribute to this cause, donations can be made via PIX: emergê[email protected]. ADRA Brazil also encourages everyone to pray for the affected families and share the campaign to expand the support network.

See some photos of ADRA's work:

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