A Transformative Initiative: Adventist Health Ministries Unveils "Reminded" on World Mental Health Day

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A Transformative Initiative: Adventist Health Ministries Unveils "Reminded" on World Mental Health Day

Embracing the mandate of mission: AHM’s initiative is a grace-filled message for a broken world.

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In a groundbreaking move to address the global mental health crisis, the Adventist Health Ministries (AHM) of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists has launched "Reminded," a revolutionary mental health initiative that encapsulates the wholistic health approach championed by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. On World Mental Health Day, October 10, 2023, AHM unveiled Reminded “to offer a comprehensive mental health program to minister effectively to the mental needs of people of all ages within and outside the church,” according to their website.

The Reminded Initiative: Christ's Method of Reaching People

Dr. Peter Landless, director of AHM, shared with the Executive Committee members during the report at Annual Council, the importance of releasing on that day. "It's October 10, 2023, and you've already heard what that is, it's World Mental Health Day," he announced, emphasizing the timeliness of their mission. "It could not be more appropriate [to have] the privilege of sharing with you…the importance of this wonderful Adventist health message with which we've been entrusted, which is a wholistic health message; body, mind, spirit, social, and emotional."

Dr. Torben Bergland, associate director of AHM, further elaborated, "Reminded has been designed for mission... to bring comfort, hope, and healing to the world." He continued, "In this way, we're really basing it on the model of Christ's Method, the strategy and process of bringing people to Christ." The purpose of Reminded, according to Bergland, is to extend genuine sympathy, minister to the needs of those suffering, and eventually, lead them to Jesus, the ultimate source of hope and comfort.

Addressing the Global Mental Health Crisis

Reminded's inception aligns with the global imperative to address mental health. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognized the gravity of the issue in 2012, stating unequivocally, "There is no health without mental health." Depression, in particular, has emerged as a global menace, with staggering statistics revealing the widespread impact of mental disorders.

The WHO's recommendations, which include partnering with faith-based organizations, mirror the mission of Reminded. By leveraging the vast network and resources of the Church, Reminded aims to bridge the gap in mental health services and promote understanding and awareness.

Global Health Outreach

One of the focuses for Reminded, will be an emphasis on global reach. "What we are presenting for you today is just the beginning of this resource," Bergland explained, "Our goal is to have Reminded available in multiple languages within the next year." Currently, the short films on Reminded are available in Spanish and Portuguese on Feliz7Play

Bergland also highlighted the goal to have Reminded videos on YouTube, and create social media pages, a podcast, documentary series, on-demand facilitator training, and more articles and videos. All of these will provide crucial insights into mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and trauma. 

During the presentation, Bergland shared the testimony of one Reminded viewer. He shared, "What a video. What lessons. I have suffered with this problem for many years. May God bless you. […] I asked God for help, and He sent me this video. I'm feeling very good. Thanks." This response underscores Reminded's potential as a first point of contact for many with the Church. Bergland elaborates, “...that is our goal, that it will be a good point of contact that will trigger a desire for more.”

Ellen White's wisdom, "To deal with minds is the greatest work ever committed to men," echoes the Church's and AHM’s commitment to wholistic health. This initiative stresses the importance of embracing a wholistic existence, not just for oneself, but to serve communities everywhere.

Visit the Reminded Website: A Wealth of Resources

To explore the resources offered by Reminded, visit reminded.org. The website hosts ainformative videos, articles, and educational materials to empower individuals to navigate mental health challenges with knowledge and resilience. AHM welcomes all to join the movement and spread the word to usher in an era of mental health and well-being—together.

As stressed by Dr. Torben Bergland, Reminded is not merely a project; it is a movement that seeks to transform lives and bring hope, comfort, and healing to a world in need, all within the embrace of the Church's wholistic health message. All are encouraged to seize this opportunity to embrace wholistic health and make a positive impact in their communities, one person at a time. 

For more information on Reminded and access to their resources, please visit their website. To stay connected to AHM and learn more about what they’re doing, click this link. To watch the recorded Annual Council live streams, go here. Find more news about the 2023 Annual Council at adventist.news. Follow #GCAC23 on Twitter for live updates during the 2023 Annual Council.