Police officers invite Alaverdi residents to Health Expo

Three-day event is the first in this region

Alaverdi, Armenia | Gracia Nanagulyan

Recently the church in Alaverdi, Armenia, organized a city-wide health expo, the first in this region. Over 200 people visited the three day event which was highlighted on local television station “Ankyun +3.”

The small town of Alaverdi is the old center of the copper industry in Armenia, located among the rocky mountains, covered with forest. It was in this mountainous area that the Health Expo took place, where participants measured their blood pressure, percentage of body fat and learned their biological age. In addition to health seminars, free personal consultations with a medical doctor were provided to participants.

 One 83-year-old grandfather said: "This exhibition is something unprecedented! I have lived all my life in this city and have not seen this."  The church received free publicity from local television station "Ankyun + 3" which filmed the event and broadcast the news to the city, as well as local police officers who visited the expo then advertised to passers-by, inviting them to check their health.

The three-day program welcomed more than 200 guests, many of whom signed up for a health club offered by the church.

Adventists in Alaverdi are grateful to God for the blessed beginning. They hope to carry out even more medical-missionary programs to help residents of the city solve not only physical problems, but spiritual as well.