SAD 120 Naturally supportive- Adventist health-food company supports plasma donors in Argentina
Argentina | Alexis Villar with information from Granix

Argentinians who’ve recovered from the COVID-19 infection are helping other victims by donating blood plasma, which contains antibodies to help ward off the infection. A Seventh-day Adventist health-food company is assisting by providing food and literature to donors—and to frontline health workers.

Granix, the food company headquartered in Buenos Aires, the nation’s capital, developed the "#NaturalmenteSolidarios" campaign, which "consists of food donations to the national centers authorized for the plasma extraction procedure," the firm said.

In a joint effort with health institutions and to support plasma donors, a total of 340 kits containing food and reading material from the church-owned Editorial Cristiana ACES publishing house related to well-being and health were delivered. In addition, 240 products destined for sweet snacks to aid recovery after plasma donation and 144 food products for health professionals were part of the Granix donation.

The firm said the campaign, so far, has showed positive results. "Patients and health professionals were grateful for the gesture and highlighted Alimentos Granix as a socially responsible institution," they said.

The campaign was also disseminated through the institution's social networks, using the hashtag #NaturalmenteSolidarios. On July 20 it became second-highest trending subject on Twitter Argentina. In this way, greater visibility of the project was achieved.

This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Spanish site