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Adventist bikers hold health fair at national event

The event is one of the largest and most popular for motorcycles in the State of Sāo Paulo, with the participation of almost 20,000 people.

São Paulo, Brazil | Jhenifer Costa

From April 20 to 22, more than 20,000 people participated in the 22nd National Meeting of Motorcyclists, held in Artur Nogueira, in the interior of São Paulo, Brazil. The event brought more than 200 motorcycles and attracted people who are passionate, and curious, about the subject. With this in mind, Adventist motorcyclists and church members organized a health fair to meet those who passed through the city.

Currently, there is a motorcycle ministry called the Adventist Motorcycle Ministry 22 Brazilian states. The ministry includes almost 900 motorcyclists.  In addition to holding health fairs, they develop other projects that encourage quality of life, well-being, leisure and solidarity actions. 

Good initiative 

This is the third health fair that the Adventist Motorcycle Ministry has promoted. The group started 13 years ago and brings together motorcyclists from many cities including Arapiraca, Recife, Manaus, Caxias do Sul, São Paulo, Artur Nogueira, Jundiaí. During the health fair, volunteers offered blood glucose tests, blood pressure readings, relaxing massages and gave tips on how to better care for health through eating and practicing physical exercise.

In addition, anyone who passed by got a copy of The Power of Hope , which talks about the importance of caring for and maintaining emotional health. A police officer and participant of the event, Marcelo Calderani, says he found the initiative very good. "It's very important people who like motorcycles to take care of themselves because, precisely in this place, you find many drinks and things that do not please your health." 

José do Carmo Rissi, better known as “Zé Crème,” organizer of the National Meeting of Motorcyclists, motorcyclist and resident of the area, says the health fair is an innovative practice and positive for the participants. "It made a difference for us, because we had a case of a motorcyclist who was treated in an emergency situation by the volunteers," he explains. Rissi said that he intends to join the health fair in the next meetings.


The Adventist Motorcycle Ministry is run by doctor and motorcyclist Décio Gomes. For him, the most important part is the relationship the group has with other colleagues who share the same hobby. "This is a very important space for us. What we do here is an action focused on the urban mission,” he explains. 

Like Gomes, the regional coordinator of Artur Nogueira, Adriano Marquetto, also believes that space is an opportunity to express a message of hope and quality of life for thousands of motorcyclists. "Above all, this is a work done in conjunction with other motorcycle clubs in the State of São Paulo. There are many Adventist motorcyclists involved in this mission everywhere,” he says.