Victor Hulbert | Victor Hulbert

f you want real thanks, then look to the children. Trans-European Division office staff have discovered that ‘office zoom worship’ has sometimes turned into ‘family worship’ as young children snuggle up to parents during worship time. Those staff children have now created a montage of thankfulness – and in Words of Hope 11, Executive Secretary Audrey Andersson explains why.

Viewers have reacted to Patrick Johnson’s ideas from last week’s reflection on making Sabbath meaningful as we slowly come out of lockdown and return to church. 

Darren responded, “‘We were doing life, church and Sabbath too fast’ - absolutely! You hit the nail on the head, Patrick! As a result of this, we were missing so much of God's blessings!” 

Rachel also commented: “I love it! How nice to inject this type of rest into our lives – real rest. I let go of the week’s worries and bask with God in nature with my family, who are in a safe place mentally. I come home feeling physically and spiritually rested.” She adds, “Sabbath, moving forward needs to be more balanced. There is a place for corporate worship with a like-minded community and time to just give to God on a more humble scale.”

As we move back toward reopening church buildings, Pastor Andersson has also produced a helpful online guide for ‘safe’ post-lockdown worship.

Victor Hulbert continues Johnsons ‘rethinking’ theme as he shares discoveries during a Sabbath walk in England’s beautiful Surrey Hills. Armed just with his smartphone and none of his normal gadgets, he tries to put into practice some of the things Johnson had been sharing. [Watch as a separate segment.]

And how about work life?

John Baildam is also feeling thankful. As principal of Newbold College of Higher Education we catch up with him on an empty campus to discover how educational life still continues apace – even as study switches to virtual lectures and interaction. Could this even give more study opportunities for church members?

We hope you enjoy this special edition of Words of Hope and look forward to your comments and reaction – or perhaps even your children’s special drawings of thankfulness.

This article was originally published on the Trans-European Division’s news site