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Volunteerism, History And Perseverance: Words Of Hope 14

St. Alban, United Kingdom
Victor Hulbert
TED 41 ism History And Perseverance Words Of Hope 14

TED 41 ism History And Perseverance Words Of Hope 14

Volunteerism and community have never been more important than in 2020. Trans-European Division President Raafat Kamal has been so inspired by one local project that, together with his wife, Heidi, he now spends his ‘out of office’ time there. We ask him why that inspires him.

We also look back 30 years to the collapse of the communist regime in Albania – and remind ourselves of a story of faithfulness in harsh times. Pastor Julian Kastrati was raised in a country where ‘atheism’ was the only way – and, yet today he enjoys freedom in Christ. We learn how he is dealing with the crisis of 2020 – and share lessons from his past that can inspire us today.

Read the story of Meropi Gjika, the faithful Albanian Adventist waited through 50 years of totalitarian communism to get baptized by an Adventist pastor – all the while saving and hiding her tithe and offerings under her bed. Faithful against all odds.

See how her witness inspired not just Adventists, but also the Salvation Army: What shall I give him?[Messenger, from page 4]

Discover positive reading – including this quarters Sabbath School Lesson guide on positive witnessing:

Read about the charity, One Vision: One Vision - One Community - Many Volunteers

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