SAD 126 Twenty years of Portuguese-language Bible guides now available free online
Brasilia, Brazil | Márcio Tonetti

The Brazil Publishing House has released a new tool of interest to researchers and members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church: an online collection of the Adult Bible Study Guide, as released in Portuguese. The lessons are a thematic guide to the Bible, produced by the Sabbath School ministry of ​​the world church’s headquarters. It is distributed worldwide in several languages.

The collection covers quarterly editions of the study guide for the past 20 years, a total of 92 editions, 15,893 pages, and 7,060,931 indexed words. In addition to the search tool, the Internet user can download the copies they want in PDF.

According to Gilvan Camargo, Information Technology manager at the publisher, the project foresees the digitization of the entire printed collection published in Brazil, since 1906, when the Sabbath School Lesson was printed as an insert of Revista Mensal , the precursor of the Adventist Magazine.

Source for study

André Oliveira Santos, the editor of the Portuguese version of the study guide, points out the initiative makes decades of biblical research and balanced interpretations of the Scriptures available to students of the Sabbath School Lesson and the church in general.

“For Bible researchers, the collection offers the opportunity to study biblical doctrines and themes from different angles and to understand the theological refinement of the church over time. And for the students and teachers of the Sabbath School classes, who use the quarterly guide, therefore, the collection is an additional resource to facilitate the understanding of the themes studied each quarter,” he added.

On the same platform, the virtual collection of Revista Adventista (the Portuguese version of Adventist Review magazine) is also available for free, including inserts for the first two years of the Sabbath School Lesson. In addition to browsing 114 years of history of the publication, the Internet user can also access 1997 to 2019 issues of Vida e Saúde (Life and Health) magazine.

“Over time, these journals have contributed effectively to the intellectual formation and spiritual growth of our readers,” said Pastor Marcos De Benedicto, editor-in-chief of the Brazil Publishing House. "Now, we can offer another service by making this rich collection available to everyone online," he added.

This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Portuguese news site