Some of the baptismal candidates. [Photo Courtesy of the Adventist Record]
Papua New Guinea | Donald Sitipa/Record staff

T uempinka Seventh-day Adventist Church in Papua New Guinea, together with its two branch churches, witnessed the baptism of 76 people on Sabbath, July 25.
The first mass baptism witnessed by the congregation was conducted by district director Pastor Paul Lipu and resident pastor Dicks Neheza.

The baptisms were a direct response to the church’s small group ministries, which began in 2018. Through this ministry, church members conducted short devotions, answered Bible questions, and prayed with families in the village.

In addition, the church created a “welcome home” program to target former church members in which both youth and adults renewed their faith thanks to small group ministries.

Although these small groups were disrupted as a result of COVID-19, it allowed the church to create “zone fellowships” away from the church building and close to members’ homes.

“This exercise also proved successful because new interested members were added when the church moved closer to their homes,” details church elder Donald Sitipa. “God really moved in this situation to achieve his purpose.” 

The church is planning to continue its “rezoned” church structure and has plans to conduct another mass baptism in the future.

This article was originally published on the website of Adventist Record