[Photo Courtesy of the South Pacific Division]
Solomon Islands | Maryellen Fairfax

Staff and students from Kopiu Adventist High School in the Solomon Islands have started running an evangelistic program at a public market in Marau, in the East Tasimauri District.

Led by the school’s chaplain Jason Gulea, the program is themed “Christ is our Hope”, with presentations on the Bible, the second coming, death, and Jesus. A student choir was also organized to perform songs to the people in the market.

It is the first outreach initiative the students have been involved within a long time due to COVID restrictions, with only branch Sabbath schools and Bible studies on-campus continuing throughout last semester.

“Now that we are settling into a new semester we are planning, praying, and hoping to activate our special ministry initiatives as we endeavor to impact East Tasimauri District,” said Gulea.

This article was originally published on the website of Adventist Record