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Portugal | Daniel Silva, Hope Portugal

W e have been through difficult times; of this, no one has any doubts. The Pathfinders have also suffered from this pandemic.

Being deprived of face-to-face meetings, many have lost their course and commitment. This is a reality that the Vila do Conde Pathfinders have been working against.

Without the possibility of meeting with their young people, Pathfinder leaders have created online working solutions, such as honors activities, via Zoom. As soon as they were allowed to be together again, with the evolution of the lockdown, we did it in City Park, with all the necessary care. We carried out walks, as a requirement for the Explorers' Hiking honor and the young people earned their Cycling honor. Moreover, they have been working on honors in their homes.

It was with this purpose, the Vila do Conde Pathfinders held their local training camp. Since at that time it was allowed to gather in groups of 20 people, we gathered 17 of our members and held the training in Rates Park in Póvoa de Varzim.

This required a lot of special care: the constant use of masks, use of hand sanitizer before the consumption of food or use of common objects, not sharing tents, except by members of the same family, etc. It was an adventure!

This camp was organized with the purpose of fulfilling the practical requirements of honors necessary for the achievement classes of Adventurers, Pathfinders, and Ambassadors. The same happened with the Titions, where they were also able to fulfill the requirements for their honors. But the main reason was the opportunity to be together again enjoying nature and each other's company, although with some special care. Leaders ordered masks, in navy blue color, for all the Pathfinders to wear with the uniform on Saturday so they could be coordinated; a fun way to meet the standards.

We thank God for allowing us to have this moment of decompression and we are confident that better days will come. Until then, we will use the tools at our disposal.

Maranatha! The Lord is coming soon!

This article was originally published on the Inter-European Division’s news site