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Partnership between ADRA, Uber, and Sesc distributes over 900 lunchboxes in Samambaia

Initiative benefited homeless people and poor communities in the administrative region of the Federal District.

Samambaia, Brazil | Rafael Brondani

partnership between the Adventist Development and Assistance Resources Agency (ADRA), the Municipal Administration of Samambaia, the Uber transport company, and Mesa Brasil Sesc (Brazil Table of the Social Service of Commerce) served more than 900 people in Samambaia, the administrative region of the Federal District. The distribution was on  the morning of July 1, at the city’s ADRA center. The families were duly registered, and all COVID-19 safety measures were taken in the distribution.

Jeconias Neto, ADRA Brazil director in the capital region, said the joint projets seeks to help people who need it most in this pandemic moment. “This action will make food available for people living on the streets and for the needy community. We are happy to be a supportive arm of our community in this difficult period,” he said.

Beneficiary Juliana da Silva is unemployed and said the help came at just the right time.“ It's been very good for us. At the moment, not everyone is able to eat properly. So, this project is helping a lot of people who don't even have anything to eat. In my case, I am not working, and I have small children, so this came at a good time,” she said.

The ADRA Center in Samambaia develops programs for the community. Several initiatives are carried out there, such as offering vocational courses.

Gustavo Aires, regional administrator of Samambaia, one of the institution's partners

in several projects, stressed the importance of this project. “The whole community is grateful for the good and attention of the entire team, which in this moment of crisis has been providing total support for us. The administration is grateful for this partnership,” Aires declared.


This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Spanish site