Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology of the Dominican Republic Franklin García Fermín addresses administrators and faculty at the Dominican AdventistUniversity on Oct. 9, 2020. The visit was marked a historic one part of a special tour by the Minister throughout universities across the island started last month. [Photo: Dominican Adventist University]
Villa Sonador, Dominican Republic | Milagros Novas and IAD News Staff

The Dominican Republic’s Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MESCYT) Franklin García Fermín along with government officials recently visited the Dominican Adventist University (UNAD) in Villa Sonador for its invaluable contribution to educating thousands of professionals throughout the years.
The historic visit on campus drew university administrators, faculty, staff, and students to welcome officials during a special program on Oct. 9, 2020.

Minister García Fermín thanked leaders and staff for the warm welcome and for the outstanding national educational system the church leads and the good relationship it maintains with its community. The visit was part of an extensive tour to higher educational institutions in the Dominican Republic which began recently, he said.

“There will be an open, horizontal exchange,” said Minister García Fermín. “In other words, we are going to foster direct communication with universities.” He vowed to work in close partnership with higher educational institutions from now on.

García Fermín encouraged university leaders to create doctoral programs where they could contract national and foreign professors with the support of the Ministry of Education (MESCYT), as well as work together with other universities if needed. “MESCYT will support those initiatives,” he assured.

The minister encouraged university leaders to submit a proposal for a doctorate in education for the government to fund with a grant.

President of the Dominican Adventist University Angel Guzmán Lizardo thanked the ministers and his associates, and referred to the visit as an unprecedented gesture.

“UNAD seeks to transform society through education,” said Guzman. “The goal of the Dominican Adventist University is to contribute to the improvement of the country through the services it provides to the nation, especially through its work-study program in which low-income young people carry out their studies combined with a work schedule regardless of their nationality.”

What’s more important is not that they obtain a degree but that they can become the best husband, the best wife, a better citizen with values that can change society for the better, emphasized Guzmán.

The event was transmitted through the institution’s social media platforms.

Dominican Adventist University is an institution operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Dominican Republic, offering several undergraduate and master’s degrees in its main campus in Villa Sonador and its extension campus in Santo Domingo. The university is known as the university of values. Its mission is to prepare excellent, innovative professionals who are committed to serving God, country and the world.

The institution, which was first established in 1946 and moved to its location in Villa Sonador in 1976, is a member of the Adventist Accrediting Association.

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