Members of the group with their new Bibles. [Photo courtesy of Adventist Record]
Papua New Guinea | Tracey Bridcutt

M embers of a Papua New Guinea fellowship group gratefully received 53 World Changers Bibles recently. The Bibles were distributed by Madang Manus Mission president Pastor Garry Laukei who led the group in Discovery Bible Reading (DBR) that afternoon.
The Lutheran fellowship group was introduced to DBR after one of their members attended a worship service at Madang Town Seventh-day Adventist Church one Sabbath. He appealed to his parents and grandparents to allow Adventists to visit the group to conduct DBR, and the first visit was arranged in July, with Pastor Laukei leading out.

“We received a good response from the fellowship team and we gave out Discover Jesus Bibles to 48 adults and Discovery Bible Reading began,” he says. “Their interest to study the Bible grew.”

When Pastor Laukei returned on September 13 to hand out the World Changers Bibles, “they were so happy,” he recalls. “They have agreed to continue with the Discovery [Bible Reading] to discover more truth.”

Although they have set programs by the Lutheran church for Tuesday and Thursday, they have decided to put aside their programs and continue with the Discovery Bible Reading. A plan has been set to visit them once a month to encourage them in DBR. 

“The Holy Spirit is working in mysterious ways to open hearts to receive the Word of God,” Laukei adds. “Discovery Bible Reading is a great tool for evangelism. People are waiting for us; let’s get to them.”

This article was originally published on the website of Adventist Record