Photo Credit: Family that waited a year to be baptized [Photo Courtesy of the South American Division]

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Evangelism Week helps expand Adventist presence in Brazil

Event ends with the decision of 28 people to officially become Adventists

Brazil | Douglas Pessoa

I n November, members of Adventist churches in downtown Rio Grande do Sul (RS), Brazil, participated in Evangelism Week. Complying with all the measures to prevent the pandemic, the churches saw good attendance during the programs, which presented subjects like salvation and closeness to God. With the theme “Sewing Life for Eternity,” the week of evangelism also included the participation of singers and musical groups which complemented the program.

At the church in the Cruzeiro neighborhood, 28 people made the decision to be baptized. One of these people was the singer Karine, a popular music performer. She chose to visit the church during this special week and made the decision to dedicate her profession to Christ. In addition, people who knew the church in 2019 were also baptized and remained in contact with Adventists even during the pandemic.

With this work, Adventists remain committed to the project of expanding the church's presence in the city. After weeks of inaugurating new churches and Novo Tempo Spaces, church members focused on the work of showing hope through Bible studies and the cycle of discipleship.

In other regions of downtown RS, churches were also fully involved in the Week of Evangelism. Leaders from the office that manages the church in the region went to some churches and encouraged involvement in spreading the word of God. In the Fronteira region, for example, some people who already knew the Adventist church through TV Novo Tempo had the opportunity to fill out baptism forms and be baptized.

This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Portuguese news site