Bacolod City, Philippines | Communication Department, Southern Asia-Pacific Division

M ore than 1,600 Adventist young men and women within the Southern Asia-Pacific Division (SSD) were challenged  to ask for wisdom so that each one of them may be fully utilized for mission. 

The challenge came during the #Ask19 SSD Youth Leadership Summit held at the Central Philippine Adventist College, Bacolod City, Philippines. 

“Ask 2019” is part of the SSD youth departments five-year initiative, “Pass it on.” 

Saw Samuel, president of the Adventist Church in the Southern Asia-Pacific region, is himself a youth leader. Saw expressed his appreciation to the more than 1,000 young people who came to spend a week asking God for discernment as they prepare for mission.

"The Adventist youth in our division have chosen the right word, the right theme to empower our young people to ask faith and wisdom to the Lord,"  Samuel said. "This is the time to ask for God's leading to know our identity, to stand for the truth, and to live in hope and faith in Jesus," Samuel added.

Rudy Baloyo, executive secretary of SSD, shared his thoughts on how young people can start a movement and make a difference for Jesus.

"It is valuable for our young people to ask for more faith, but not just any other faith. But ask for a true faith founded in Jesus," Baloyo stressed. "The bible says without faith in Him, we cannot please God. The young people of this generation should ask for the right kind of faith that will empower them and strengthen them, and that is in Jesus.”

Delegates of the youth leadership summit joined in various activities and attended breakout classes to see how their skills could be utilized for the Church.

The SSD youth department partnered with the Adventist Development and Relief Agency to empower young people to become volunteers who can be utilized during relief operations.

Other church entities like media ministries, health, communication, One Year in Mission (OYiM), and the Integrated Evangelism Lifestyle, collaborated, along with the youth department, to present opportunities for young people to integrate into the life of their churches.

Regular morning and evening devotionals, led by various speakers, were also part of the summit. During the evening sessions, delegates showcased their cultures through dance and song.

During the evening sessions, delegates were divided into small groups where they were able to fellowship with young people from other places, and learn lessons from their different faith journey’s. 

In an interview, one of the evening devotional speakers, Wilson Aritonang from Indonesia, explained, "The whole purpose of asking from God is to make known and show the glory of God in our lives. If we understand that, we will see something more than we could have ever imagined, that God has in store for us.”

Youth leader in the Southern Asia-Pacific Region, Jobbie Yabut expressed his satisfaction of the summit and emphasized the importance of parents in raising young people for leadership.

"This meeting with the young people will never be a success if not for the parents,” said Yabut. “They dedicate their sons and daughters to become parts of the movement that will prepare them for leadership."



This article was originally posted on the Southern Asia-Pacific Division’s news site