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Adventist Agency signs agreement to help needy families

Collaborative work will benefit people who belong to the most vulnerable segments of the Ñuble region, in Chile.

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T he Adventist Development and Assistance Resources Agency (ADRA) Chile, signed a collaboration agreement with the Chilean government service, called: Fondo Solidario e Inversión Social (FOSIS), with the intention of working on various strategies that help eradicate poverty in the Ñuble region.

This alliance will directly benefit FOSIS users who belong to the most vulnerable segments of the country.

As part of this agreement, ADRA will work with families facing poverty or extreme poverty, provide for rapid coordination of social assistance services, and expeditiously support families and individuals affected due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Regarding this agreement, the director of ADRA Chile, Rodrigo Cárcamo, said that “it is extremely important to be able to associate and have relationships with each of the entities, whether public or private because that is how we empower ourselves. We believe that we, as a private organization and NGO of the [Seventh-day] Adventist Church, can do much more if we seek that collaboration with the government and with each of the sectors that allow us to move forward.”

Catherine González, Regional Director of FOSIS, said: “We are happy because [through this agreement] we will join forces to better support our residents. We hope to continue working together and carry out more actions in favor of Ñuble families”.

One of the first initiatives that brought together the Solidarity Fund and Social Investment and ADRA Chile was the delivery of hygiene and sanitation kits for families.

During this time of need, the Adventist humanitarian agency in Chile has been providing various aid to affected families. Likewise, it has also been providing clothing and other protective implements to health institutions and other solidarity activities, in collaboration with other entities. As the humanitarian arm of the Church, ADRA is constantly working for sustainable social development and assisting in emergency and catastrophic situations.

This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Spanish site