Featured: “Wherever you are and in whatever setting you find yourself right now, God is calling you to be part of His last-day message to a world crying for eternal answers.”

President of the global Seventh-day Adventist Chruch, Ted N.C. Wilson delivers message during the “Reach the World: I Will Go” launch.



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Caleb Mission Participants Donate Blood in Rio Grande do Sul

In just one day, the group raised the same amount of blood bags normally collected in a week.

Paradise Church serves its community with fresh produce

The Adventist church continues to be a help in a still-hurting community.


Fear, Anxiety, And Mental Health

Familiar emotions—but how do we deal with them?


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A Special Message of Mercy from Pastor Ted Wilson

This has been a very challenging and difficult week with racist and prejudiced situations, COVID-19 suffering all across this globe, economic upheaval, unemployment, and so many other challenges all across this planet.