Judge Rules in Favor of Adventist Trademark

Judge James Lawrence King issued a ruling on April 27 that stops the Eternal Gospel church from identifying itself as a Seventh-day Adventist church

Adventists Speak Out on Vermont "Civil Union" Recognition

Seventh-day Adventist members and leaders in Vermont expressed grave disappointment at the governor's signing of the bill

Smoking Linked to Decline in Intelligence

The study examined more than 650 people aged 65 and over to determine their intellectual powers and record their smoking habits

Hospitals Unveil Sculptures Portraying Assurance and Restoration

Three Seventh-day Adventist hospitals in the greater Denver area unveiled identical sculptures entitled "Eden Restored" during the Easter weekend

Aid in Croatia—Just for Kids

Literal "kids" are a part of the development program to establish a breeding herd of goats that is underway in the areas of Lika, Slavonia and Baranja

1,400 Volunteer for Mass Spring Cleaning in Hollywood

"Our group wanted to help beautify our city," said Bob Wong, youth director

Adventists Support U.N. Call for More Education for Girls

This call for more education, especially for girls who are discriminated against, is one we can identify with

Solar Kitchens for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Solar kitchens are being built throughout North Korea as result of an agreement between the authorities of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the the Adventist Development and Relief Agency

Adventist Health Leader Slams New "Healthy" Cigarette

Claims that a new brand of cigarette has a lower risk of smoking-associated cancer have drawn criticism from Dr. DeWitt Williams

New Proton Treatment for Breast Cancer to be Developed at Adventist Health Facility

A new treatment for breast cancer is to be developed using proton therapy at Loma Linda University and Medical Center

Adventists Speak Out on Female Genital Mutilation

A Seventh-day Adventist health and ethics committee has issued a statement opposing the widespread practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) and is calling for renewed efforts to eliminate the practice

Free Open Heart Surgery Gives Cambodian Children New Life

Penang Adventist Hospital provided free heart surgery for three Cambodian children last we

New Formula for Financing Adventist Church Mission Voted

A new method of sharing expenses for the operation of the world Church was voted by the Seventh-day Adventist leaders from around the world

Adventist Church President Honored

Pastor Jan Paulsen, world president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, is the latest recipient of Pacific Union College's Charles E. Weninger Award for Outstanding Achievement

Stoke Up Hellfire? UK Adventist Leader Says No

A report from evangelical churches in the United Kingdom calling for greater emphasis on the teaching of hell has brought a swift response

Leadership of Adventist Church in North America Clarifies Position on Ordination

The statement refers to the vote of the Southeastern California Conference to issue the same ministerial credentials to both men and women pastors

International Lawyers Convention to Discuss Religious Persecution

Many parts of the world have been suffering from the devastating effects of religious persecution, says Barry W. Bussey, convention organizer

Adventist Scientist Comments on Retraction of Evolutionary "Missing Link" Claim

In its November 1999 issue, National Geographic claimed that a fossil recovered from China portrayed an "Archaeoraptor," a kind of "feathered dinosaur" that supposedly linked dinosaurs to birds

Adventist Health Educator Recognized by Korean Government

Korean Prime Minister Park Tae Joon has awarded Seventh-day Adventist Pastor Philip Bohyun Yun Korea's fourth highest award

Czech Adventist Health Workers Launch Educational CD-ROM

Research shows that lifestyle impacts our health significantly, said the producer of the CD-ROM, Petr Skrla, Ph.D.,

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