Eat Walnuts For a Healthy Heart, New Study Confirms

Using walnuts regularly as part of a regular diet significantly improves the health of the heart and blood (cardio-vascular) system

Technology Will Revolutionize Coverage of Adventist Church's World Session

State-of-the-art satellite, Internet and broadcast technology will make the upcoming Seventh-day Adventist World Session a truly interactive event State-of-the-art satellite, Internet and broadcast technology will make the upcoming Seventh-day Adventist W

Why Teenagers Leave Church: Research Published

More than 1,500 teenagers were randomly selected from Seventh-day Adventist churches throughout the United States and Canada and surveyed every year for ten years.

Smoking: The World's Greatest Potential Health Scourge

Smoking is expected to become the world’s greatest health scourge, according to recent figures released by the World Health Organization (WHO). Currently 1.2 billion people smoke, with 4 million dying...

Toronto Media Anticipate Adventist World Convention

The Toronto media are actively anticipating the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s World Session to be held in the city June 29 to July 8. After making media visits this past week, “the media personnel ar...

Relief Work Continues in Mongolia

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) continues its relief efforts in Mongolia, providing food and other necessities to thousands affected by the severe snowfall in large areas of Mongoli...

Adventists Explore Ethical Challenges of Human Gene Therapy

Human gene therapy has the potential to both heal and harm and should be developed according to Biblical principles of the sanctity of human life, says a statement issued recently by a top Seventh-day...

Greater Jewish-Christian Understanding Forged at Religious Freedom Conference

Academic and religious leaders from Christian and Jewish communities explored the impact of the holocaust on religious freedom, theology and Jewish-Christian relations at a symposium hosted by Andrews...

Judge Rules in Favor of Adventist Trademark

Judge James Lawrence King issued a ruling on April 27 that stops the Eternal Gospel church from identifying itself as a Seventh-day Adventist church

Adventists Speak Out on Vermont "Civil Union" Recognition

Seventh-day Adventist members and leaders in Vermont expressed grave disappointment at the governor's signing of the bill

Smoking Linked to Decline in Intelligence

The study examined more than 650 people aged 65 and over to determine their intellectual powers and record their smoking habits

Hospitals Unveil Sculptures Portraying Assurance and Restoration

Three Seventh-day Adventist hospitals in the greater Denver area unveiled identical sculptures entitled "Eden Restored" during the Easter weekend

Aid in Croatia—Just for Kids

Literal "kids" are a part of the development program to establish a breeding herd of goats that is underway in the areas of Lika, Slavonia and Baranja

1,400 Volunteer for Mass Spring Cleaning in Hollywood

"Our group wanted to help beautify our city," said Bob Wong, youth director

Adventists Support U.N. Call for More Education for Girls

This call for more education, especially for girls who are discriminated against, is one we can identify with

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Solar Kitchens for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Solar kitchens are being built throughout North Korea as result of an agreement between the authorities of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the the Adventist Development and Relief Agency

Adventist Health Leader Slams New "Healthy" Cigarette

Claims that a new brand of cigarette has a lower risk of smoking-associated cancer have drawn criticism from Dr. DeWitt Williams

New Proton Treatment for Breast Cancer to be Developed at Adventist Health Facility

A new treatment for breast cancer is to be developed using proton therapy at Loma Linda University and Medical Center

Adventists Speak Out on Female Genital Mutilation

A Seventh-day Adventist health and ethics committee has issued a statement opposing the widespread practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) and is calling for renewed efforts to eliminate the practice

Free Open Heart Surgery Gives Cambodian Children New Life

Penang Adventist Hospital provided free heart surgery for three Cambodian children last we

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