Adventist Laity Demonstrate Commitment to Mission

1,800 lay Adventists gave more than US$4.2 million in a single offering on August 5 to support local and international projects.

Adventists to Attend the Millennium Assembly of the United Nations

Seventh-day Adventists will be present as observers at the Millennium Assembly of the United Nations, billed the largest gathering of heads of state in the history of humanity.

Hope International Report Released

An ad hoc General Conference committee has concluded that three Seventh-day Adventist-associated lay groups "operate in a manner that is consistent with offshoot movements."

Increased Hardship, Continued Growth for Adventist Church in Myanmar

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Myanmar (Burma) continues to grow despite obstacles including rules about holding public meetings and publishing new materials, according to a veteran pastor.

"Quit Now" New Smoking Study Concludes

The risk of smoking-related lung cancer is much higher than previously thought, a new study on smoking shows.

Largest Gathering of Adventist Teachers to Convene

An estimated 6,000 teachers will attend the convention

Forgotten Victims of War Aided by New Initiatives

According to United Nations' (UN) estimates, 300,000 children have been recruited to fight in wars-from the Balkans to Sierra Leone to Sri Lanka

Adventist College Earns Top Ratings

Avondale College, the only Seventh-day Adventist tertiary institution in Australia, was awarded a five-star rating

Adventist Stamp Web Site Launched

The newly formed Seventh-day Adventist Philatelic Society International has launched a Web site

Victory for Religious Freedom Advocates

A bill aimed at strengthening religious freedom in the United States was approved on unanimous consent by Congress on July 27

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