Programming can be followed on the frequency 105.5 FM (Photo: Shutterstock)

South America

Novo Tempo Opens Radio in Londrina

More than 1 million new listeners will be able to follow the program, which brings news, music, and messages of hope

Brazil | Júnior Freitas

With a choked voice, Maria Marta, a retired nursing technician, describes the emotion of hearing Novo Tempo for the first time through the radio in her hometown.

"As the waves of Rádio Novo Tempo reach Londrina on this day; we are very excited and happy because it is a way for more people to get out of loneliness and get to know the good part [of life]," says Marta.

The broadcasts of the new station started on Wednesday, December 21. Now, at least 1 million people have the opportunity to follow the programming 24 hours a day in the city of Paraná. Pastor Montano de Barros, president of the Adventist Church in the northern region of Paraná, talks about the process of acquiring 105.5 FM:

"The process of buying the radio lasted, more or less, six years. We had been in contact with some radios, but they did not meet our needs. Until this year, 2022, with the arrival of Cintia and her husband, Pastor Marcelo, we got a new contact, which is this radio that we have now."


Pastor de Barros also adds that "it was a process that also lasted a long time. There were many details until we reached the conclusion that it was the moment to acquire the radio. We believe that Rádio Novo Tempo in Londrina will help us in the evangelization process."

Pastor Tomás Parra, director of Novo Tempo Radio Network, also comments on his joy in seeing the broadcast coming to the city: "The incorporation of the radio in Londrina, with almost 1 million potential listeners, is a reason for great joy and, at the same time, a great opportunity to continue taking hope to more people.”

Pastor Antônio Tostes, general director of Novo Tempo Communication Network, also expressed his happiness for this conquest: "We are very happy for this conquest—another gift from our God. To enter with our FM radio in Londrina City is very important for us. Londrina is an important city for Paraná and for all southern Brazil, and, moreover, this new station is a demonstration from our God that He will continue using Novo Tempo."

Pastor Tostes also affirms that "God has acted in incredible ways through the network to reach people. And when our signal enters more homes with TV, with our radio, we feel that motivation to keep going, knowing that God will keep supporting us and opening doors for the voice of hope to reach more people.”

Officially in operation, Rádio Novo Tempo replaces Vida Melhor FM. With music, news, interviews, and messages of hope, the frequency 105.5 FM integrates the Novo Tempo Communication Network and becomes the eighteenth radio station to proclaim the return of Jesus in the Brazilian territory within the Adventist communication system.

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