Photo Courtesy of the Euro-Asia Division
Armenia | Sargsyan Mariam, Head of the Music Ministry Department of the Armenian Mission

The Pan-Armenian Music Festival was recently held in Armenia, which was organized by the Music Department of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Armenia.

The festival participants came from different parts of sunny Armenia.

Different ages, professions, education, and employment did not prevent the participants from regularly gathering for rehearsals and preparing the best performances for the glorification of God.

The event began with a wonderful piece performed by the joint choir of the Armenian Mission. After that, the President of the Armenian Mission addressed those present with words of greeting and with brief spiritual reflections.

The joint choir of the Armenian Mission, the joint choir of Yerevan "Agape", ensembles, and solo performers took part in the festival. The audience also had the opportunity to enjoy wonderful works of instrumental music. Also, the songs of inspiring artists were sung at the festival. The performers of Christian music sang of the goodness and love of the Lord as the Creator of all that is beautiful; they convinced their listeners that it was Jesus Christ who was the guarantor of peace of mind and urged the audience to think about their priorities in life and make the right choices.

The purpose of this event was to attract as many church members as possible to glorify the Creator, to find new methods of glorifying God, and, most importantly, to unite the efforts of musicians from all over the country to evangelize and proclaim the Eternal Gospel.

From the beginning of the festival until its conclusion, God's guidance and His presence were felt.

At the end of the event, each participant received a pleasant gift that will always remind them that it is God who is the Creator of all talents.

The most joyful part of the event for the organizers was the response of the audience, which included many first-time guests. Through this wonderful and inspiring event, the Holy Spirit was able to touch the hearts of these people, and some of them expressed a desire to get to know the Creator better.

The event ended with a wonderful performance by the joint choir "Agape" from Yerevan. In conclusion, the treasurer of the Armenian Mission addressed the organizers and all the participants with words of gratitude and blessing.

Many new talents were discovered through this event.

May the loving Lord abundantly bless all the organizers and participants of the festival so that they can continue to glorify the name of God with worthy praise.

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