More than 500 million books have already been donated through Impact Hope projects. [Photo: Seventh-day Adventist Church]

South America

Adventists in South America Set to Distribute Millions of Books in the Region

The Impact Hope project has already shared hundreds of copies of Ellen White's "The Great Controversy"

Brazil | Vanessa Arba

Since 2023, Adventists around the world have given millions of people copies of the book The Great Controversy. This activity is part of an evangelistic initiative by the Adventist Church. In the South American Division, this massive distribution is called Impact Hope (Impacto Esperança).

Adventist leaders chose The Great Controversy for the Impact Hope 2023 and 2024 campaign. Its historical and prophetic content highlights the influence of spiritual forces during the final days of human history.

According to pastor Rafael Rossi, the region's Impact Hope coordinator, the relevance of The Great Controversy is reinforced by the fact that it is perfectly aligned with the Holy Bible. “This book is in no way a substitute for the Bible; in fact, it explains the biblical story. It helps us understand what has already happened and gives us certainty that what has yet to happen will happen,” he says.

Ellen White, the American writer and Adventist pioneer, was born in the 19th century and is considered a prophetess inspired by God, writing more than 100 thousand pages throughout her life. Her texts focus on education, health, family, administration, theology, Christian life, among other subjects. She is among the most translated authors in history, and her works have impacted millions of people, Christians and non-Christians, around the world.

Impact Hope

Impact Hope was created in 2007 with the intention to share books containing messages of faith, comfort, and optimism, in addition to encouraging the habit of reading. More than 500 million units have been distributed since then. Although delivery takes place throughout the year, there is a specific day on which Adventists mobilize for massive distribution on the streets and establishments. In 2024, this movement took place on Saturday, March 23rd.

More than 32 million copies of The Great Controversy were printed in Portuguese and Spanish for distribution in South America. Another 168 million copies have been shared throughout the rest of the world in more than 80 languages.

The original article was published on the South American Division Portuguese website.