Photo: Chinese Union Mission

Watson was one of several students at the Chinese Adventist Seminary. Through a project designed by the São Paulo Adventist University to provide opportunities for Adventist youth from the 10/40 window, he received a full scholarship with the help of the Chinese Union Mission to complete a Master’s Degree in Biblical Theology. 

Once Watson arrived, he learned he was not the only Chinese person at the university. A few months earlier, the Chinese Union Mission had sent a young lady to study communication sciences at the same university. It didn't take much for both to become good friends. And as they progressed in their studies and time together, their friendship became more robust, and almost two years later, they got married.

After marrying, Watson and Elisa continued their studies in Brazil, praying to understand what God’s will was for them as a family. Both were convinced that God had a calling for their family, but they wondered where and when.

Photo: Chinese Union Mission

Photo: Chinese Union Mission

When they were about to graduate from their studies, the Paulistana Adventist Conference invited Watson to be a missionary among the hundreds of thousands of Chinese living in São Paulo. Now they understood their mission: God not only blessed them, making them a family, but He was also responding to their prayers by calling them to reach the Chinese in Brazil for Jesus.

Now Watson and Elisa are missionaries to the Chinese in São Paulo. A small group was established in the Liberdade Adventist School through their work, where hundreds of Chinese youth are studying. They created a Pathfinders club to engage the youth. They also set up Bible study groups for the child and families and lead them in fellowship every Sabbath.

In November 2021, their first child was born in São Paulo. 

God responded to their prayers with a double blessing: making them become a family and calling them on a mission. Watson and Elisa pray that many Chinese in São Paulo will come to Jesus as they faithfully share the Gospel.

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 The original article was published on the Chinese Union Mission website.