B ulaweyo, Zimbabwe ... [ANN] Using video programming as an innovative tool, Seventh-day Adventist Global Mission pioneers are finding success in sharing the church’s message with villagers in Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Six teams of pioneers are now equipped with video projectors and generators, permitting them to stage outreach events wherever necessary. Sponsored by the Adventist North Pacific Union in the USA, together with the Global Mission office at the Church’s World Headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, the teams have been operating in the rural areas of Africa since early this year.

"The meetings have been a success from the beginning," says Duane McKey, Global Mission director for the North Pacific Union, "with up to 300 people coming to each meeting." Requests for Bible studies are coming faster than the pioneer teams can handle, according to McKey.

The video program will continue through 1998. [Jonathan Gallagher]