K iev, Ukraine ... [ANN] Two congregations of "Reformed" Adventists reunited with the Seventh-day Adventist Church denomination in the Ukraine. The Reform
ed group split from the Adventist Church in 1928, and has existed separately since.

In ceremonies on October 12 and November 15, the Reformed churches of the Danube River in Nikopol and Pervomaisk united with the local Adventist churches, reports Barbara Huff, Administrative Assistant for Development at the Adventist Church’s Euro-A
sia Division Headquarters in Moscow, Russia.

"The first step toward reuniting was holding seminars with the Reformed pastors," says Huff. "Another significant step came about when an Adventist woman married a Reformed pastor. He changed his previous views and was influential in teachi
ng others."

The two church organizations do not differ widely on points of doctrine, reports Huff, though their lifestyle is more conservative.

Commenting on the service of reuniting, Vladimir Prolinsky, Global Mission director for the Adventist Ukrainian Union, spoke of the positive atmosphere.

"Something especially touching happened on that day," said Prolinsky. "Members of the two churches that had opposed each other in the past promised to serve God together, to support unity and to develop a spirit of tolerance and understandi
ng. People felt a heavenly atmosphere that day."

Reformed Adventists from Belgorod-Dnstrovsk have already expressed their desire to unite with the Adventist Church, and there has been dialogue with three other Reformed groups, reports Huff. [Jonathan Gallagher]