I fe, Nigeria ... [ANN] A woman lost her life and a man was shot in the shoulder during an attack on the Ife Adventist Hospital in Nigeria on December 6. The killings are a result of tribal tensions between the Mo
dakeke and Ife peoples which has increased in recent months, according to Emmanuel Nlo Nlo, communication director for the Africa-Indian Ocean Division of the Adventist Church.

The woman, a Seventh-day Adventist, who died was shot when armed intruders forced their way into the hospital, looking for Modakeke people as part of an ongoing vendetta that began in a power struggle for local government. Neither of the two victims were
of the Modakeke tribe, but suspicion is sufficient reason, comments Nlo Nlo.

"Last Sabbath [Saturday] was an ugly day at the hospital," says Nlo Nlo. "Ife people came claiming they wanted to protect the hospital. They were heavily armed and looking for Modakeke people whom they said had infiltrated the hospital. The
y killed the woman and shot the man on suspicion of belonging to the Modakekes. After the shootings no one dared to worship in the church at the hospital. It is tragic that this tribal conflict has even disrupted the vital medical work of the hospital.&qu;

Since August the tribal conflict has claimed many lives, with at least 20 killed on December 6, along with looting and burning of homes. Police intervention is difficult since both sides are heavily armed, reports Nlo Nlo.

Seventh-day Adventists number 130,000 baptized believers in Nigeria, worshiping in 562 churches. [Jonathan Gallagher]