Adventist teachers and community members at Veraligi school. [Photo Courtesy of Adventist Record]

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Solomon Teachers on a Mission of Hope

The group of thirty saw a need and fulfilled it.

Solomon Islands | Record Staff

S eventh-day Adventist teachers in the Solomon Islands formed a special team in 2020 to reach out to school communities needing help during the coronavirus pandemic.

In June, a group of 30 teachers, known as Mission of Hope, embarked on a mission trip to Veraligi School in a remote part of Honiara, where they conducted workshops and worships, distributed goods, and prayed with the community. The teachers saw the needs of the school and planned to return later in the year to lay a concrete slab for a classroom. They collected a freewill offering of more than $4000SBD for the project.

On Sunday, December 13, a group of five teachers and three helpers returned to the school to complete the project. They were assisted by several boys from the local community. By 4 pm on Tuesday, December 15, the slab was finished. Clothing and soap were distributed to the community before the team left for Honiara.

Kevin, one of the teachers, said the trip to Veraligi gave him “much hope to trust in Him because human impossibility is God’s possibility.”

Trans-Pacific Union Mission (TPUM) Education director Mele Vaihola extended his gratitude to the Mission of Hope team. “On behalf of the TPUM Education Department, we would like to thank the Solomon’s Mission of Hope team for making a difference where you can,” he said.


This article was originally published on the website of Adventist Record