Beverly Jeffrey and her sister Toma in front of the Adventist church, previously an Association of Local Churches building. [Photo Credit: Adventist Record]
Australia | Tracey Bridcutt

A Bible study group started by two sisters in Papua New Guinea has grown tenfold in just six months despite the challenges of the COVID-19 lockdown.
After witnessing in their local community of Manku, Beverly Jeffrey and her sister Toma started a small group in March using the Discovery Bible Reading method. They began with three participants—the group soon grew to eight, then to 15, and now they have 39 members doing Bible studies and attending church worship on Sabbath.

The majority of the group had been members of the Association of Local Churches (ALC). ALC leaders have subsequently handed over their church building to the Adventists to worship in.

The bush material church is very old and in need of maintenance and the sisters and the new church attendees are planting a watermelon crop on a portion of the land to raise funds. Some of the funds will be used to purchase new sago leaves to replace the old leaves so that the church can look new again.

Pastor Garry Laukei, Madang Manus Mission president, says, “I am really happy for these two sisters who have the heart for the work of God and have seen the real need of people, like what Jesus saw when he was here on earth.”

He continues, “They saw Discovery Bible Reading as a great tool to lead people to Jesus. If all the members in Madang Manus Mission had the heart for the Lord’s work and made it their priority like these two sisters, many souls would come to Jesus and churches would be planted. They are champions in the work of Total Member Involvement.”

This article was originally published on the website of Adventist Record