S ilver Spring, Maryland, USA ... [ANN] Robert S. Folkenberg, President of the Seventh-day Adventist Church with world headquarters in Silver Spring Maryland, USA, will visit Cuba February 23 through 28 to lead out in a series of large religious revival services.

The six-day itinerary covers most of the island, and aims to provide encouragement to the 17,000 Adventists living there. Folkenberg will worship with several local church congregations during the week as a series of outreach programs concludes. According to reports from church authorities in Cuba, it is anticipated that at least 2,300 new members will be baptized during the week of celebration led by national and international church leaders.

"I am delighted to have a part in this exciting program," said Folkenberg. "It is important both for Adventists in Cuba, as well as for the onlooking world. We hope that a new day is dawning in Cuba, one in which the Adventist Church can play an increasingly important part."

The first Adventist Church in Cuba was established in 1905, and the denomination now numbers 10 million members worldwide. [Jonathan Gallagher]