St. Helena, California, USA ... [ANN] A fatal car accident in California resulted in the death of Pastor Milton Lee, Thursday, December 4, 1997. Pastor Lee served in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong as an evangelist a
nd radio speaker for over 50 years.

During World War II, Pastor Lee and his wife Helen pioneered the work among the Miao people in Southwest China. After the war, Lee and his father conducted a large evangelistic campaign at the Tienanmen Square in Beijing. Later, he began the radio ministr
y in China. In addition to radio, he produced a weekly television program in Taiwan for nine years.

A memorial service was held at the St. Helena Church, California, USA, on December 14. Pastor Lee is survived by his wife Helen; a son, Fred; daughter-in-law Aura; daughter, Sylvia; son-in-law, Don Fillman; and two grandchildren. [Dixil Rodriguez]