D armstadt, Germany ... [ANN] As part of a year-long project, Seventh-day Adventist website developers have successfully established the Church's presence on the Internet. At a special conference of the [email protected] Association in Darmstadt, Germany, on February 8, Martin Haase, president, said that the primary goal of establishing a comprehensive Adventist presence on the Internet was now a definite reality.

"With more than 90 individual and 17 corporate members, and representation of the two major church administrations covering Germany, we have been able to produce websites together that fulfil our ambition to have a strong Internet presence and professionally represent the Adventist Church in the German language," said Haase. "I especially appreciate that Ulrich Frikart, president of the Adventist Euro-Africa Division, and Jonathan Gallagher, webmaster for the Adventist World Church, could participate and so show their commitment to what we are doing."

The meetings concentrated on the practical application of Internet technology to the mission and message of the Church.

"This session brought together the many talents of IT experts from all over Germany who see the great potential of Net and want to use it to spread the gospel, concluded Haase.

Michael Ihrig, vice-president for Staonline reported that 70 participants had registered and that immediate assessment from the conference indicated a definite practical benefit.

"We plan on continuing with our program to bring Adventists into closer contact with the web community, and have already set February 7, 1999 in Weimar as the next conference which will update what we have accomplished here," said Ihrig.

Jonathan Gallagher makes a point in his presentation; Stephan Brass translates