S anto Domingo, Dominican Republic ... [ANN] As part of an ever-increasing network, Seventh-day Adventists in the Dominican Republic are expanding the coverage of their radio broadcasts.

"We have installed a new transmitter to enhance the signal of Radio Amanecer Internacional over the Adventist radio stations in Dominican Republic," says Pastor Silvestre González Tabar. "The transmitter will provide a signal for the whole eastern and southern sections of the country."

Radio Amanecer Internacional transmits seventeen hours daily over three radio stations in the Dominican Republic, reaching listeners in Cuba, Curazao, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and the Unites States.

"We are in the process of acquiring a fourth radio station in the area to provide coverage in all of the country," says Tabar.

The Dominican Union Mission has 474 churches and a membership of almost 100,000. [Dixil Rodriguez]