W eingarten, Germany ... [ANN] Seventh-day Adventist leader Dr. Bert Beach participated in an inter-church "first" as an invitee to a Roman Catholic conference of canon law experts, judges, and university professors meeting in Weingarten, southern Germany, Nov. 27-29.

Beach, director of Inter-Church Relations at the Seventh-day Adventist Church World Headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, was a guest speaker of the conference. He addressed the subject of religious liberty from a non-Catholic perspective, giving special emphasis to the rights and problems of minority churches.

"The meeting was an opportunity to deal with such issues as minority church rights in the international agreements and documents, the use of pejorative terminology, proselytism, the Catholic Church’s claim to statehood, and the question of seventh-day Sabbath observance," said Beach.

The theme of the conference dealt with human rights and church law. Beach’s lecture will be published by the Catholic Academy of Stuttgart-Rottenburg. [Jonathan Gallagher]