Orlando, Florida, USA ... [ANN] Florida Hospital, affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist Church, announced collaborative efforts with Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories, the leader in Women’s health care, and Walt Disney Organization, in their venture to support a health facility, Celebration Health, committing to a five-year agreement that includes an educational grant to benefit the Women’s Center and Women’s Center Health Library.

"Our partnership with Florida Hospital will help perpetuate our commitment to furthering advances in women’s health," says Joseph Mahady, president, Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals, North America. "We see the Women’s Center and the library at Celebration Health as a prototype for women’s health care intended to be replicated in other communities across the country."

The Disney organization, through its Celebration Company, initially set aside 10,000 acres from its Central Florida land holdings near Orlando. Strategically designed, Celebration Health, Florida Hospital’s comprehensive, ongoing 315,000 square foot site will deliver innovative programs and services while serving as a model for future health care facilities across the country.

"We are extremely pleased that Wyeth-Ayerst will be part of this endeavor," says Des Cummings, Jr., CEO, of Celebration Health. "Women are the gatekeepers to the family’s health care practices, so it is crucially important that they are as informed as possible about their health and their family’s. We believe the new Women’s Health Center Library is one easy step in making information readily accessible."

Florida Hospital, a division of Adventist Health system, is one of the nation’s largest health care providers and has served the Central Florida community for almost a century.

[Dixil Rodriguez]