S eoul, Korea ... [ANN] The Male Voice Choir from the Seventh-day Adventist Sahmyook University won first prize in the University National Choir Contest held in Seoul, Korea on November 14.

Sponsored by the Korean government’s Ministry of Education, the choral competition saw twenty of the nation’s universities participate in the event.

"Most of the choir are theology students from the University," reports Tadaomi Shinmyo, communication director for the Adventist Church organization that covers the North Pacific countries, including Korea. "The 60 strong choir sang both Ko
rean opera and the spiritual ‘Let My People Go.’"

Adventists also won third place in the contest through the contribution of the Korean Sahmyook Female Choir. The female choir is made up of 40 students, mostly from the nursing department.

A planned concert for the president of Korea with the male choir as special performers has been canceled due to the current economic climate, according to Shinmyo.

Korean Sahmyook University began in 1906 and now has 3,653 students, making it the largest Adventist educational institution in the world. [Jonathan Gallagher]