P ortland, Jamaica ... [ANN] A Seventh-day Adventist was one of four who died in a mudslide caused by heavy flooding in Portland, Jamaica, on January 4.

Mr. Dyce, of the Adventist Church in Stanton, was out assisting an elderly church member when the torrential rain forced him to shelter in a nearby shop, reports Herman Ming, treasurer for the Adventist administration in East Jamaica.

"It was at that time that a major landslide came crashing down on the shop from the hillside," said Ming. "Some of the occupants of the shop building were admitted to the Public General Hospital and three were taken out of the landslide, dead. It was not until the next day that Mr. Dyce was dug out."

Continuous rain for more than 10 hours caused the floods which killed at least six and damaged over 1,000 houses. Adventist leaders were on the scene immediately.

"They offered words of hope to a great number of individuals, both members and non-members," said Ming. "Special prayer was offered for the bereaved families."

A special task force will be mobilized by the Adventist Church to assist with the clean-up operation and the repairing of damaged structures. [Jonathan Gallagher]