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[Photo: GC Annual Spring Council Livestream]

Adventist General Conference Spring Council Advocates for New Ellen White Research Center at Asia-Pacific International University

The establishment of this 19th research center holds particular significance as there are only two currently in existence throughout Asia.

Ted Wilson, General Conference president, introduces the newly elected General Conference vice president and departmental directors on Wednesday, April 10, during the Spring Meeting. [Photo: Enno Müller, Adventist Review]

Delegates Vote to Accept Recommendations on Three Department Directors

New leaders tapped for Health Ministries, Women’s Ministries, and Planned Giving

Business Meetings
 Pierre E. Omeler and wife Myra. [Photo: Atlantic Union Conference]

Pierre E. Omeler Elected as General Vice President of the Adventist Church

Experienced leader brings passion for evangelism and mission to global role.

Business Meetings
Paul H. Douglas, treasurer of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, presents his part of the Treasury Report on the first day of the Spring Meeting in Silver Spring, Maryland, United States, April 9. [Photo: Enno Müller, Adventist Review]

Adventist Church's Solid Finances Will Free More Funds for Mission, Leaders Say

Treasurer's report emphasizes the need to strategize to increase mission impact.

Business Meetings
Photo Credit: ANN YouTube Livestream

Adventist Church Leaders Navigate Human Sexuality and Biblical Beliefs

Inter-European Division Special Report Highlights Challenges Regarding Human Sexuality

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Kleber Gonçalves, director of the Center for Secular and Postmodern Studies at the General Conference, prepares to deliver a Global Mission Report. [Photo credit: Lucas Cardino / Adventist Media Exchange (CC BY 4.0)]

What You Need To Know: Day 6 of General Conference Annual Council 2023

Sixth and final day of General Conference Annual Council 2023 brings global secular and post-Christian mission report, and committee updates regarding online churches, and digital ministry.

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A church in Burundi became a downlink for “Hope for Africa”, resulting in the whole congregation converting to Adventism [Photo provided by: Annual Council Live Stream]

196,000 People Baptized Across Africa Continent as a Result of Total Member Involvement

Special Annual Council report highlights how ECD initiative “Hope for Africa” mobilized leaders and laypeople

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Reminded Webpage. [Screenshot courtesy of]

A Transformative Initiative: Adventist Health Ministries Unveils "Reminded" on World Mental Health Day

Embracing the mandate of mission: AHM’s initiative is a grace-filled message for a broken world.

John Wesley Taylor II, Andrews University president, discusses the Andrews University Report at Annual Council 2023 on October 9, 2023. [Photo credit: Lucas Cardino / AME (CC BY 4.0)]

Andrews University President Emphasizes Mission Focus During Annual Council 2023

Newly appointed president, John Wesley Taylor V, highlights the renewed foundation of the Church’s flagship institution.

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Abner de los Santos, General Conference Vice President, chairs the October 10 business session. [Photo credit: Lucas Cardino / Adventist Media Exchange (CC BY 4.0)]

What You Need To Know: Day 5 of General Conference Annual Council 2023

A new mental health initiative announced, and two entities restructured

Business Meetings
Photo credit: Lucas Cardino / Adventist Media Exchange (CC BY 4.0)

Adventist Church Treasurer’s Report Encourages Faithfulness to the Mission

Treasurer’s Report highlights 160 years of growth and giving despite economic and societal challenges

Business Meetings
Left to right: Michael Kruger, Ted Wilson, Igor Radonič and GC Vice Presidents celebrating the work of Ralph and Pat Watts (front). [Photo credit: Lucas Cardino / AME (CC BY 4.0)]

ADRA Celebrates 40 Years with Introduction of New $1M Training Program

The “Ralph Watts New Entry Program” recognises the work of pioneer and longest-serving president of ADRA International in special Annual Council program.

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Armor of God Kids App. [Screenshot Courtesy of CHM]

Empowering Young Faith with 'Armor of God Kids' App: A Digital Beacon for Spiritual Growth

Unlocking the power of the Armor of God principles in an engaging digital world: how the 'Armor of God Kids' App inspires children towards a deeper connection with God.

Business Meetings
Audrey Andersson, GC vice president, chairs the morning business session on October 9. [Photo credit: Lucas Cardino / Adventist Media Exchange (CC BY 4.0)]

What You Need To Know: Day 4 of General Conference Annual Council 2023

The Treasurer’s report and a new initiative rounds out the fourth day of General Conference Annual Council

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Howard introduced a new framework for evangelism and discipleship that has been further developed since the Executive Committee first received a report on an initiative that planned to revive global disciple-making and evangelism. [Photo credit: Lucas Cardino / Adventist Media Exchange (CC BY 4.0)]

Bringing the Adventist Church Together Through Global Total Member Involvement

A new initiative, updated during the 2023 General Conference Annual Council, plans to add intentionality to evangelism plans for local churches.

Business Meetings
Delegates vote on NSD territorial shift. [Photo: Lucas Cardino / AME (CC BY 4.0)]

Asia-Pacific Territorial Realignment Approved by Executive Committee at Annual Council 2023

NSD to expand with inclusion of Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan following a report from Asia-Pacific Territorial Review Survey Commission

Business Meetings
General Conference secretary Erton Köhler presents his Secretary’s Report during the 2023 Annual Council in Silver Spring, Maryland, United States, on October 8. [Photo: Lucas Cardino / AME (CC BY 4.0)]

In Face of Unprecedented Challenges, GC Secretary Calls for Refocus on Mission

Erton Köhler highlights the power of integration to move audacious initiatives forward.

Business Meetings
Erton Köhler, GC Executive Secretary, gives the Secretary’s Report during the morning business session at Annual Council on October 8. [Photo credit: Lucas Cardino / Adventist Media Exchange (CC BY 4.0)]

What You Need To Know: Day 3 of General Conference Annual Council 2023

The Secretary’s Report, a Nominating Committee report and vote to fill several open positions, a change in the territory of the divisions of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Asia, and an update on an upcoming children’s Sabbath School curriculum.

Business Meetings
David Trim, director of the Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, shares plans for the church to commemorate 150 years of Adventist Mission in 2024. [Photo: Lucas Cardino]

Mission 150 Commemoration Can Reignite a Passion for Mission, Leaders Say

Adventist leaders share plans for a year-long focus on Adventist mission.

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(Photo: Lucas Cardino / AME (CC BY 4.0))

New Leaders Elected to Serve at Annual Council 2023

A division administrator and six General Conference leaders voted to serve through 2025.

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